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This is the waiting / on-call list for being a participant in the Maybe Heaven craft fair for creative women, trans and non-binary makers. This is open to creators of all skill levels and you keep everything you make. 

The guidelines are as follows:

1.) There is priority for BIPOC but all are welcome to apply.

2.) You need to have a minimum of at least 10 items total of any kind of your own creation, (i.e. prints, jewelry, zines, baked goods, fiber art etc.) to cover half the table space. 

3.) You're absolutely more than welcome to have items for sale that you did not make, (such as records or vintage clothes) as long as you have your crafts too.

The fee for tabling is $5 for individuals, $10 groups/collectives (of 3 individuals).

You pay the fee the day of, if you need to cancel please do so 2-7 days before hand because space is limited.

The space is wheelchair accessible.

Restrooms are gender neutral.

Please fill out the form if you’re interested in participating.

(This should take 10 - 15 minutes.)


Obsidian Bellis
Creator of Maybe Heaven